Using Wood Burning Stoves in Solihull and Birmingham: Are They Environment Friendly


Wood burning stoves have at times been incorrectly criticized as being inefficient or harmful to the environment. In actuality this was only the case if the logs you were using were not being burned correctly. If you’ve purchased a brand new stove that has been ‘Defra Approved’, and you are burning the fuel or logs correctly, your wood stove is way more efficient and way friendlier to the environment than any other form of heating.

Early wood burning stoves tended to generate a lot of smoke. However, the Environmental Protection Agency has set requirements of strict efficiency requirements that all new wood burning stoves in England must meet. With the new EPA standards and Defra requirements, new wood burning stoves not only have to produce much less smoke, but in addition they have to burn with greater efficiently.

Wood, if burnt correctly will in actual fact produce little or no smoke the secret is to use dry, split hardwood, which is more than six months old and with a moisture content of less than twenty percent. By using dry wood your stove will give you a hot and clean-burning fire. You must never burn household rubbish or wood that has been treated in any way, as each of these can release harmful or poisonous chemicals when burned.

To guarantee your stove continues to run smoothly, you will need to have it cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. Never leave the ashes to build up and it is crucial that you have your stove checked annually by a certified and experienced Hetas specialist. By doing this it is possible for you to spotlight any issues before they turn out to be a serious safety issue, and it will mean your wood burning stove will be more likely to work efficiently.

One of the most important steps is to have a heating professional help you select the right size stove for your property. A stove that’s too small or large will be a waste of money and will not perform at peak efficiency.

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