Electric fire

Electric Fires: Are They Good for the Home?


People naturally love fires in the home, they create a warm cosy atmosphere and a gentle ambience to any room. Traditionally, every home was equipped with an open fire at the heart of it, requiring materials to burn. Over the years and due to the expense, mess and work involved in maintaining an open fireplace, many heat lovers gradually switched to electric fires. Forget the dull brown two bar electric fires that went splendidly with your orange wallpaper circa 1975, these contraptions have come a long way since then.

There are a number of reasons electric fires are good for your home, including;

Energy efficiency

These kind of fires are 100 percent energy efficient within the home and cost very little electricity to run regularly. Running an electric heater over a traditional fireplace means no heat is lost going up the chimney. 

Money saving

Flame effect heaters run off a small amount of electricity and are becoming considerably cheaper to run over the years. There are no installation costs and the costs involved in buying fuel such as wood, turf, coal and gas is cut out. Many of the newer models maintain a warm fire like glow using LED lights which notoriously last a long time – up to 55 years! The chances of you having to replace one of these in the time you own the heater are practically zero.

Low maintenance

There is no heavy daily cleaning required with a fire that runs on electricity compared to an open one, which requires the ashes to be cleaned daily and the chimney to be swept annually. A quick wipe over with the duster once a week, a rare bulb or fuse change every once in a while, is all that is needed. The units require no major installation and can be moved from room to room making them very versatile.

Stylish and realistic

Plug in household fires have evolved and have never been as sleek as they are today. They come in a range of colours and designs to suit every budget and taste. Some of the designs on offer are; wall mounted which are a great focal point, free standing or even a full sized fire which comes with its own wooden mantel. These fires come in every shape and size you can imagine, incorporating real looking flames and crackling noises for authenticity.

Heat control

Unlike a hearth fire which can take a long time to set up and get going. Heat from an electric fire is instant and if you get too warm it can be turned down or off immediately. Some electric fires come with an inbuilt thermostat in which you are able to set your preference, enabling it to adjust as the temperature in the room fluctuates.


Electric fires are safe, stable and switch themselves off if they overheat, so there is no risk of a fire getting out of control after you go to bed like a wood burning fire could. They don’t give off potentially toxic fumes like an open fire or produce carbon monoxide like a gas fire, they do not pollute your house or the environment.

Overall electric fires are a good investment. Great for the home and the environment, inexpensive and will keep you warm and cosy for a long time to come.