Elegant, opulent and somehow, effortlessly versatile, a marble fireplace can completely revamp your living room, acting as a timeless centrepiece regardless of the style of furniture already in place.

With its status as a centrepiece, you need to be sure that you know what you’re looking for when researching marble fireplaces – and that you know how to properly maintain the fitting for years to come.

Why Should I Opt for Marble?

Played up with lush velvets and baroque detailing, marble fireplaces can be styled in a more traditional setting, emanating old school cool, or conversely, installed into a lounge that promotes a minimal contemporary feel – fit with clean lines and a muted colour palette – it’s all up to you.

A firm aesthetic favourite harking back as far as the Ancient Greeks, marble is synonymous with luxury and beauty – perfect for installation in bedroom or living room as a sophisticated finish.

How Do I Maintain the Marble Fireplace?

You may have been put off purchasing any household appliances or surface materials made from marble, as it can be notoriously known for its fragility when compared to its granite or quartz counterparts.

However, this only stands when considering flooring or surfaces in the striking material, as fireplace mantels are very seldom touched or manipulated – but simply use warm, distilled water devoid of any impurities in the case of spillage.

One thing to bear in mind when cleaning your marble fireplace is that speed is key – the sooner you remove the stain, the less chance it has to seep into the marble’s surface, avoiding it penetrating with discolouration.

Solutions to avoid when dealing with marble can be surprising: it is recommended that you steer clear of baking soda (natural abrasive), white vinegar (acidic and can eat into the surface) and lime scale removers (also contain a strong amount of acid).

Is Marble Completely Safe to Use as a Fireplace Mantel?

One of the reasons that marble has been such a popular choice – for centuries – in interior design, is the fact that it always maintains its cool exterior, no matter the heat it is subjected to.

This stems back to the Ancient Greek ages, where it was hallowed as a cool respite in the baking sun and raging temperatures. If it could handle that, it can definitely handle becoming an eye-catching fireplace mantle for your front room.

How Long Will My Marble Fireplace Last for?

Whilst the price of marble may be steeper than a lot of fireplace mantel choices, it is one of the most durable – offering a strong investment in the long run. Due to its sturdy, timeless composition, you can be sure that a marble fireplace will even add considerable value to your home, if you come to selling it in the future.

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