The idea of getting a fireplace or gas stove installed during the summer months may come across as slightly perplexing, upon first thought. When it’s already pretty warm – as warm as the UK can manage, anyway – a log-burning or electrical fire may be the last thing on your mind.

However, there’s a method in our madness, as we have 3 reasons as to why it’s in fact a genius idea to get your fireplace installed in the summer months. Read on to get ahead of the curve with your interior design and heating solutions:

  1. Beat the Rush

When it gets to early autumn, you can bet your sweet life that there’s going to be an influx of fireplace installations occurring, which can result in excessive waiting lists to get your own delivered and fitted. During this wait, temperatures may fluctuate – dropping quickly as we pass through the autumn months – which may leave you reaching for the thermostat.

Unlike the cost-effective warmth provided by the implementation of a wood-burning fire or gas stove, your central heating bills can wrack up disconcertingly quickly without you noticing. By having your fireplace or gas stove installed in the summer months, you can be completely prepared when the colder months come creeping in faster than you’d think.

  1. Isolated Heating

Given the UK’s tendency for volatile weather, you’ll find some days in early spring or summer where the temperature leaves a bit to be desired. In instances like this, a fireplace or gas stove would allow you to heat up one room at a time, instead of cranking up the central heating all over the house – wasting money.

Whether it’s a gas stove in Birmingham, or fireplaces in Warwick, it works out far more economical to opt for a solution that isn’t the central heating. Trust us on that one.

  1. Avoid the Price Crank

Naturally, fireplace and gas stove prices are going to be cheaper during the summer months, as most people opt to miss a trick and don’t get theirs installed during this period. With sales, discounts and promotions, there’ll be something that can help you shave the pounds off your interior dreams in time for the chillier seasons.

Don’t put off purchasing the fireplace or gas stove you’ve always wanted, simply because it feels like too early a time to have it installed. Whilst fireplaces and stoves are usually delivered and installed within a matter of weeks, you may also wish to redecorate the area to accommodate the new purchase – this can take time!

Now you’ve got the insider lowdown, it’s time to get the ball rolling with your purchase of a gas stove or fireplace from Fusion Heating. Simply contact us today, where one of our professional advisors can run you through the details of your installation, ensuring that you’re united with the perfect configuration of fireplace or gas stove this season.