Here at Fusion Heating, we aim to be one of the best suppliers of fireplaces and wood burning stoves in Birmingham. We are proud to be able to provide our customers with designs from leading stove manufacturers such as Esse, Yeoman, Contura, Stovax and Fireline. One of the excellent products we specialise in offering is wood burning stoves.

We understand that when you’re investing in a stove or fireplace it’s important to consider several factors. Here are five questions that you should ask yourself to make sure that you get the best out of your new fireplace:

What size of stove do I need?

When selecting a stove to heat your home, it can be difficult to determine how large the stove needs to be. It may be surprising to learn that the most common way of determining this is not actually according to the physical size of the stove, but the amount of heat the stove normally produces in one hour. This is usually rated in kilowatts (kW).

To find out which size stove you need, estimate the size or your room or have it measured. The quality of the insulation of your home should also be a consideration – for example, older properties will often have poor insulation than more modern builds. Our selection of stoves ranges from the classic four or five kW output to large 14kw boiler stoves.
Would I like an inset stove?

Inset wood burning stoves, sometimes referred to as ‘inset’ stoves, are self-contained fire units that are built directly into the breast of your chimney, leaving only the front of the stove exposed. Inset stoves are therefore very space-efficient, particularly suited to those looking for minimalism in their home, or where there is only a limited space in which a wood burning stove can be fitted. For that reason, it might be worth considering whether you would prefer this to a standard stove.

Would I like a fireplace?

If you would like a finishing touch to your stove, the best option may be a full fireplace. Available in a range of materials including wood, marble, cast iron and stone, meaning that a fireplace will give your living room a classic style whatever the layout.

How seasoned are my logs?

When purchasing your wood burning stove, it’s important to consider how seasoned your logs are in order to obtain the best results. If possible, you should look for logs that have been seasoned for 2 years or more, giving them a moisture content below 20%. This will give you up to double the output of freshly felled timber but will also prevent tar from building up inside your stove. Hardwood logs are even better.

Would a gas or electric stove be better?

If for whatever reason, you would prefer not to have a wood burning stove, it might be worth considering a gas or electric model. Gas and electric stoves are equally efficient to their solid fuel cousins and look just as authentic, with many using the same cast iron or steel body. Whatever your choice of stove, you will be able to keep your place nice and warm.

If you’re looking for a stove or fireplace in Birmingham why not consider us here at Fusion Heating? Come visit our showroom in Solihull and see our extensive range of products, or get in touch with us today with your enquiry. We’d be delighted to help you find the fireplace of your dreams that will leave you warm both inside and out.