Here at Fusion: The Fireplace and Heating Specialist, we aim to be one of the best suppliers of fireplaces and gas fires in Birmingham. That’s why we are proud to be trusted suppliers of fires created by leading stove manufacturers including Esse, Yeoman, Contura, Stovax and Fireline. One of the excellent products we specialise in offering is the inset wood burning stove.

It is worth seriously considering whether you would benefit from an inset stove, as it poses several advantages over having a more elaborate ‘outset’ stove. Here are five of our reasons why an inset stove might be the best option for you:


One of the most appealing qualities of inset wood burning stoves is their minimalism. If you prefer a subtle style of interior feature for your home than a more elaborate fireplace, the economical style of an inset stove is the perfect choice to give your living room or bedroom the coolness you’re after.

Safer option

For a parent of young children, owning an open fireplace that juts outwards is always slightly anxiety-inducing, out of the fear that your child might tamper with the fire or hurt themselves, particularly if they are temporarily left unattended.

Inset wood burning stoves are built directly into the breast of your chimney, leaving only the front of the stove exposed. This means that these stoves are less vulnerable to being knocked or tampered with than external fireplaces, meaning you don’t need to worry that your child suffering an injury or the stove accidentally being damaged by someone tripping over it.


Another positive of inset stoves being built into the breast of the chimney is that they are very economical with space. That makes them great to have in tighter areas of the house where it would be difficult to place a larger stove, such as a small bedroom or living room.


One of the best things about inset wood burning stoves is that contrary to other types of fire they are self-contained pieces of equipment. Consequently, there’s no risk of your chimney being stained by wood smoke, and they are also a doddle when it comes to cleaning and maintenance.

Unique designs

Finally, inset wood burning stoves are available in both modern and traditional styles. With our huge variety of bodies and designs, you’ll have no problem finding interesting stoves such as our Stovax Riva ‘cassette’ fires suspended above the ground. All this means you are bound to find the right stove for your home.

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If you think an inset wood burning stove might be the right option for you, why not consider us here at Fusion: The Fireplace and Heating Specialist? You can visit our Solihull showroom and see our extensive range of stoves for yourself, or send us your enquiry by leaving us a message via our contact page. We’d be delighted to help you find the ideal inset stove that will leave you feeling warm, no matter the time of the year.