When you’re considering a fireplace for your living room, kitchen or bedroom, it’s well worth looking at a gas fire. A gas fire is a clean alternative option to a traditional open flame fire that doesn’t require burning more difficult fuels like coal or wood. Here at Fusion: The Fireplace and Stove Specialist, we do our best to provide the most extensive range of gas fires in Birmingham.

We have written extensively recently about the benefits of an inset wood burning stove but there are several reasons why a gas fire may be better. Here are just a few of the reasons why a gas fire may be the best option for you.

No mess in gathering wood

Efficient as wood burning stoves are, they do require a lot of attention. One of the main problems posed by a wood burning fire is gathering the wood that you need to fuel it! These can’t be any old logs either; if the wood is wet and insufficiently seasoned it will result in an inefficient fire. If you would like a low-maintenance fire option, a gas fire is the right choice for you.

Fewer expenses

Having to fuel your wood burning stove poses a financial problem too as it requires you to keep sourcing your own wood to keep the fire burning. In contrast, a gas fire can be fuelled using the same gas that fuels your boiler and supplies hot water and central heating to the rest of your house. This can often make a gas fire a cheaper option.

Burns at the touch of a button

Once you’ve sourced the wood for your wood burning stove, you will then need to kindle and build the fire. This can be tricky for the inexperienced, especially using wet, unseasoned wood. With a gas fire, you can just press a button and off you go!

Can still be lit up manually

You shouldn’t encounter any issues with our fires. However, if you do encounter a power failure for whatever reason it’s easy to light the fire yourself using the manual control on the gas fire which requires no mains electricity. You also have the option, when buying the gas fire, to opt for a remote control version which can be operated from the comfort of your armchair. Problem solved!

Less pollution

Another risk posed by wood fires is that they are prone to emitting more soot and ash. Burning wood poses the particular risk of creosote building up in your chimney, a tar-like substance which can be difficult to shift! A natural gas fire produces far less in-home pollution, meaning that you have to spend less time cleaning up after it.

If you think a gas fire might be the right option for you, why not consider us here at Fusion: The Fireplace and Heating Specialist? You can visit our Solihull showroom and see our extensive range of gas fires for yourself, or leave us a message via our contact page. We’d be delighted to help you find the ideal gas fire for your home.