Picture it now: stepping into your home from the cold winter, family and friends gathered around a cosy wood burning stove, warming your hands at its fire. As a family business, Simon, Paul, and Gillian are passionate about making the service at Fusion Heating extra special for our customers.

Rekindle those memories of bonfires and campfires on dark nights in the comfort of your own home. Wouldn’t you love to make new memories gathered around the hypnotising flames of a fire instead of the TV?

Now is the perfect time to get your wood burning stove fitted, so you can enjoy its warmth over the coming winter months. Harking back to an older time, these wood burning stoves are becoming more and more popular, transported into a new modern age of wood burning.

Our Wood Burning Stoves

At Fusion Heating, we are one of the main dealers in Birmingham for major quality stove manufacturers including ACR, Broseley, Burley, Contura, Cleanburn, Esse, Heta, Parkray, Stovax, Town & Country. You can view our showroom online, or visit us in-store to view our range of designs, including live displays for you to view for yourself.

Not only do our range of stove include the traditional wood-burning variety, but we also stock multi-fuel stoves. These multi-fuel stoves offer a combination of other fuels with the wood, or even with good quality smokeless coal. This option helps reduce your home fuel bill and makes use of eco-friendly energy sources. The fuel burns on a riddling grate, which means a better circulation of air, and in turn meaning a higher heat output.

An Experienced Team on Hand

Our experts can help you in deciding which options are best for you, as not all multi-fuel stoves are optimized for using all compatible fuels with equal efficiency. Not only can our team advise you on these, but we can help with any other queries you may have. Nearly all our stoves in our range meet the increasing need for DEFRA approved appliances appropriate for use in smoke-controlled regions, Stoves are available from the classic four or five-kilowatt output, to as large as fourteen-kilowatt boiler stoves, which are even able to run your central heating.

Whatever stove is the right stove for you, whether a wood burning and multi-fuel stove, an inset stove, or a gas and electric stove, we are sure to have something to for your needs. We offer a full design and installation service, which even includes features such as mock chimney breasts, hearth design and installation, and wooden beams.

Green Fires?

Not many people know, but a wood burning stove can be more environmentally friendly than other heating methods as the amount of carbon dioxide released from this process is the same as that absorbed by the tree’s growth. Taken from plantations and cultivated woodlands, it can be seen as a renewable resource. As with these kinds of fuels, this also provides a better deal for the consumer, as there are lots of ways you can maximize your heat output, which we will be more than happy to discuss with you.

Contact us today here at Fusion Heating to see what lights your fire, and discuss your fireplace options in Birmingham. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the fitting or delivery of your fireplace from our store. You can reach us by either phone or email and a member of the team will assist you.