Is there anything better during the cold winter months than retreating to your living space, be that your living room or a little cubby of your own, and relaxing, perhaps with a book and drink to keep you warm? Now add to that scenario a wood burning stove. Is there anything cosier, or perhaps more romantic, than a wood burning stove heating your living space? Being able to watch the flames dancing in the stove can be mesmerising. That’s why here at Fusion Heating we aim to provide only the highest quality, durable and affordable wood burning stoves right across the Solihull, South Birmingham and Warwickshire areas.

Why burn wood?

Burning wood can be highly cost-effective and efficient. Certain wood burners can consume fuel with an efficiency rate of up to 82%, with many users reporting that using a wood burning stove has reduced their heating bills by up to 53%. This efficiency also translates to the heat in your home. A Cast Iron fireplace or stove, such as the ACR Hopwood 6kW Multi-Fuel Stove, emits heat in a balanced way across the room and, with the distinctive and pleasing odours of wood burning in your stove, you can ensure the desired effect for your living space is achieved, so you can be comfortable enjoying your stove. Burning wood to heat your home can also result in low carbon emissions, it’s estimated that burning wood produces 0.008kg of CO2 per KwH, which can be lower than both gas and electricity. With an Inset Log Burner or an Inset Wood Burning Stove, you can heat your house, save money and create a cosy and traditional atmosphere, whilst also making your living area look classy and stylish.

The Fusion Heating Wood Burner Range

Here at Fusion Heating, we believe in only supplying high quality, long lasting and cost-effective heating solutions to our customers. We currently stock a wide range of different Wood Burners and Log Burning Stoves, such as our ACR Buxton, ACR Ashdale, ACR Malvern and ACR Neo stoves, but there are more for you to discover and explore. Further, many of the stoves and wood burners that we do sell are multi-fuel, meaning that it doesn’t just have to be wood that you use. You can select different energy sources, such as smokeless coal, depending entirely on your preference and personal choices. Our Inset Log Burners are also highly popular with our customers, products such as our Fireline FPi8 Inset Wood Burning Stove or our Stovax Elise 540 Inset Wood Burning Stove. You want to purchase a fireplace that can fit seamlessly in your home whilst also being a focal point of the room; in that case, you can also consider our hearths to accompany a wood burner you want to purchase. When looking through our products, you will also find that many are DEFRA approved, which means regardless of where you are you could be able to burn your fuel in smokeless zones.

Wood Burners: The choice for you

If you’re looking to make a change to your home in time for these winter months then consider adding a new Cast Iron Fireplace, Inset Wood Burner or Wood Burning Stove, so you can fully enjoy relaxing, getting comfortable and heating your home whilst being efficient and potentially saving you money on your heating bills. Look no further than Fusion Heating for your next home heating product.