At Fusion Heating, we have many years of experience selling wood burning stoves. Based in Solihull, South Birmingham, we are a family-run business, offering an array of fireplaces and stoves from both our showroom and website. We supply some of the best brands of contemporary inset wood burning stoves, and offer a bespoke service in addition to our ready-made designs. Browse online to see our range of wood burning stoves, and read on to find out about our safety tips to go along with your purchase.


When installing a new stove, think about the surrounding area of stove. Keep it away from walls, furniture, curtains, and any other flammable materials. This is what is meant when we consider clearance – the amount of clear space between your stove and other objects or furniture.  Additionally, using a non-combustible floor pad to enclose the stove is used to ensure no stray sparks or embers from the stove set the floor on fire. You may also need to consider using a shield for the nearby walls, which works in the same way. Similarly, you should keep your supply of wood away from the clearance area of your wood burning stove. A ventilation system is also necessary in order to circulate air, and it is vital to ensure efficient and safe wood burning.


As with poor ventilation, if wood burning stoves are not properly and regularly cleans and maintained, they could be a hazard. Not only a risk of spreading fire, but could also lead to carbon monoxide entering the home. It is also important to install carbon monoxide detectors, as well as fire alarms, for this reason.


Whilst wood burning stoves bring pleasure to the whole family, it is important to educate children about fire safety. Stress to your children to keep clear of hot stoves, and never leave children unattended with the wood burning stove.

Additional Precautions

When you need to clean out any ash, remember to dispose of them safely and to make sure they are completely cool as any ashes may contain live coals. It is also worth investing in a Class A fire extinguisher to extra precaution, so if an accident does occur, you’re able to deal with it quickly and efficiently.

Fusion Heating’s Safety Measures

At Fusion Heating, we offer a complete service, including the installation of your wood burning stove. It will be fitted by one of our team of Gas Safe and HETAS qualified installers, who are some of the most experienced fireplace installers in the UK. Not only that, but you can rest assured that the installation will go smoothly, and you’ll enjoy many years of warmth as once you have selected your stove, we will arrange the appointment with an experienced surveyor, to make sure all safety requirements are in place.


If you’re interested in finding out more about our wood burning stoves, please get in touch with us via our website contact page, or via email at You can also call us directly on 0121 743 8540 during office hours from Monday to Saturday. One of our dedicated team will be glad to assist you.