You may be looking for a stove, gas fire, or electric fire, and at Fusion Heating we are pleased to provide a fire for all specifications. Today, we’re going to draw our attention to our range of electric stoves in order to allow you to weigh up your options when deciding between an electric stove and a gas or wood-burning stove, or between a stove and a fire. Our electric stoves are supplied by either Dimplex or Gazco.

Why a Stove?

If you’re wondering whether to get a fire or a stove, it really comes down to your personal preference for aesthetics. An electric fire can offer more of a range in terms of being either traditional or modern. An electric stove is generally better suited to a more traditional, or rustic environment. This look is exemplified with the Gazco Stockton 5, which uses a cast iron door and heavy gauge steel body. Alternatively, for another classic look, the Gazco Ashdon is available in various colours and features a gothic-style design reminiscent of stained-glass windows. For a smoother, slightly more modern and minimalist design, you may opt for either the Gazco Marlborough (in black only), or the Dimplex Auberry (available in black or white).

Why Electric?

There are many benefits of buying an electric stove, rather than a gas or wood-burning stove. They are easy to maintain and clean, with very little required compared to the alternate options. They are simple to install, with the only requirement being a standard electric wall socket to plug it in. The LED flame effects give you all the cosiness and comfort of a wood burning stove at the quick flick of a switch. With an electric stove, you will find it creates a warm atmosphere in more ways than one, creating a centrepiece to your living room, and adding tonnes of character to the space. You will be bound to make many memories around your new electric stove.


One main reason to choose an electric stove for your home is one of practicality. The fact is, that if you don’t have a chimney, you’ll be more limited with your stove options as you need any smoke to have a vent from which to expel. With the invention of central heating, newly built houses are simply not equipped to house another kind of stove. Although there are ways of installing a flue for gas stoves, the electric option is by far the easiest if you’re looking for a stove that’s within a certain budget, energy efficient, and easy to set up. 

Contact Us

If you’re interested in finding out more information about our range of electric fireplaces, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us through our web contact form, or by emailing us at Alternatively, you can call us directly on 0121 743 8540, or view your options in person at our showroom in Solihull, in the West Midlands. A member of our dedicated team will be glad to answer any queries you have to help you find your perfect electric stove.