At Fusion Heating, we have an incredible selection of wood burning stoves for you to choose from. On our website, and in our Birmingham showroom, you will find top brands such as ACR, Broseley, Burley, Contura, Stovax, and Esse. Today we’re going to look at some of the ways you can get the most out of your wood burning stove.

The Position

The first aspect of your wood burning stove installation you will need to consider is the position. If located in the centre of the house, you will have a better chance of being able to heat your whole house and water supply, ideal for open-plan houses. The chimney for the stove needs to be at least two feet taller than the roof, so it’s important to make sure it’s high enough. If the positioning isn’t right, it can mean that the smoke cools before going to the chimney, resulting in a change in pressure.


To get the best airflow when using your wood burning stove, it is necessary to keep it clean. If there is a blockage or a layer of heavy deposits on the inside wall, this will hinder the airflow, meaning it won’t be as efficient as it should be.

The Type of Wood

When considering your wood, don’t be swayed by cheap wood. The reason for a lower price tag is often indicative of the quality, meaning that you may risk buying wood with a high moisture content. This can result in a mass of smoke, without enough of a fire. Dry wood is a must, meaning a moisture content of just 15-20%. You will find you use less wood, and get a better burn, keeping you warmer for longer without having to wait for a long time. Remember, a decent split long should keep going for around an hour.

How to Get The Fire Going

In order to get your wood burning stove going, there’s a certain technique you should employ. Known as the ‘top down’ lighting method, you should take several logs and kindling to make a layered cage around some screwed-up newspaper or firelighters. This will help the airflow, which your fire needs in order to start roaring. The door should be slightly ajar at this point, the next part is to light the paper/lighters at the top, so that the flame goes down and catches on the kindling. After around 45 minutes, you can then add more wood, once you have raked embers to the front, and make sure to regulate the air contract once these logs have caught fire.

Consider the Temperature

Thankfully, the wood burning stoves work best when it’s colder outside than inside. You should make sure there’s a bigger difference in temperature otherwise, if you happen to use it on a hot day, the air inlets may shut down. With the cold weather setting it, let your wood burning stove keep you warm this winter.

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