What is it all about?  How can something be considered contemporary when the idea and style dates back decades, perhaps even centuries? Some may find that when it comes to stoves, most people seem to be choosing to return to the traditional styles and ideas.  The well-known cast iron stoves certainly haven’t lost their charm, and there are some stunning looking stoves on the Fusion Heating website, available for purchase. Where it may be true in a lot of cases, that the old style is coming back into fashion, when you take a traditional idea in a modern world, and marry it up with the innovation and new possibilities now available it produces a whole new world of contemporary style.

A contemporary stone fireplace provides all the cosiness and warm appeal of a traditional feel and look to your living area, with the added bonus of some extra gems.  As an example, the contemporary gas stoves and contemporary electric stoves available on the Fusion Heating website and in store, use beautiful well-known stone hearth and surrounds such as limestone and sandstone, combined with more interesting new features such as a pebble gas fire.  Our choice of beautiful, enticing contemporary inset wood burning stoves also use more modern styles and provide added aesthetic features, such as the ACR Buxton 7KW multi-fuel stove with a log store, so you can stock your fire with plenty to keep you going for a relaxing evening, without having to leave the room to restock.

Our favourite features include the traditional window that we love to see on a wood burning stove, providing a warm glow and flicker around our home. An alternative style is a contemporary wood burner that has several transparent ceramic windows that can allow you and your family and friends to view and benefit from the ambience regardless of where you are sat.

A contemporary gas stove can be provided in the free-standing style or inset into your chimney breast or chosen feature wall. For example, the Gazco Gas Vogue Midi T Gas Stove featured on the website, encased in the traditional cast iron material, has the style of an old wood burner, with the shape and efficiency that will naturally accompany a contemporary style and modern technology.

As regards efficiency and the environmental considerations that you would expect from any modern new stove, regardless of the style or choice of added visual features, we work along with governmental legislation and local law to offer products which considers the environment and the worlds use of its fuel resources, without depriving you of your need for warmth and heat within your home.  We recognise that everyone in this modern world is working, not only to keep cost down, but to utilise reusable energy sources for a cleaner climate and a brighter future.  Fusion heating’s choice of contemporary stoves uses initiative technology to provide a higher output of heat, while using less fuel and creating lower pollution.  Contact us for more information.