At Fusion Heating, we offer a range of heating appliances for your home, to help you keep warm during the winter and on those chilly nights throughout the year. Whether you prefer the more traditional wood burning fireplace or the modern twist of electric fires, we have an option available for you. Today, we are going to take a look at the range of products we offer, and what they can bring to your home in the Birmingham area.

Wood Burning Stoves in Birmingham

Woodburning stoves have been in use for hundreds of years, dating back as far as the sixteenth century. This gives them an antique and rustic feel, often associated with cosiness and home comforts. The stove is connected to a flue, which fills with hot combustion gas once the wood in the stove is burning, emitting warmth and heat into the surrounding room. Otherwise known as log burners, this choice of heating system is a classic.

Gas Fires in Birmingham

We also offer a range of gas fires as heating systems at Fusion Heating. These gas stoves are mounted and fixed into the wall of the room, giving them the appearance of a traditional fireplace that is loved around the world. Rather than using wood as fuel, it uses combustible gases to create heat to warm up your living room, bedroom, or wherever you choose to place it. Some users prefer this choice of heating system, due to its lack of smoke residue when burning.

Electrical Fires in Birmingham

Alternatively, we offer electrical fires for a heating system option that does not require the burning of fuel. These also have the appearance of a traditional fireplace, as they are mounted and fixed into the chosen wall. These work by drawing in cooler air from the room, heating it up through the use of an internal electric coil, and blowing the warmer air back into the room. This creates a warm and cosy atmosphere without using any materials as fuel.

Multifuel stoves in Birmingham

Finally, we have our range of multifuel stoves. These have the appearance of the traditional woodburning stove with their beautifully classic design yet are modernised through their ability to burn a variety of different fuels. For instance, the wood burning stove is compatible with smokeless fuels, wood pellets, coal, wood and peat. It is therefore highly flexible to your specific needs, and dependent on your mood for which fuel you wish to use.

Get in touch

We hope this has been an informative overview of the wide variety of heating options we provide our customers local to the Birmingham area. Each has its own benefit, and if you have any remaining questions on which is your best available option, please do not hesitate to contact us. A member of our team will be happy to help you, using our knowledge and expertise to find the right choice for you. Our awareness of interior design will also ensure that whatever decision you make, your new heating system will match the surrounding furniture, carpet and wallpaper beautifully.