At Fusion Heating, we understand the importance and pleasure of having a cosy and warm house. This is not only true for the colder winter months; being based in Birmingham, England, we know that the days can be unpredictably chilly throughout the year. That is why we are committed to putting our knowledge and expertise into fitting your home with the right heating system, of which we have many different types, styles and designs to choose from. Today, we will go over the specific benefits of each of our heating systems, to help you in making an informed choice.

Wood Burning Stoves in Birmingham

A popular choice for those looking for a more traditional and classic choice of heating systems is the woodburning stove. These have been in use for centuries, dating back as far as the sixteenth century. One of the advantages of the woodburning stove is its excellent heating abilities; the heat given off from these stoves is radiant, meaning that the heat is produced inside its flue and radiated into the surrounding room. This gives off a much higher quality and more intense heat, warming you up faster and more efficiently than other choices, such as warm air being blown out of a vent.

Gas Fires in Birmingham

There are other benefits specific to gas fires that make them a preferred choice for some people. Economically, gas fires will give you more efficient heating for a lower cost, due to the low cost of the gas used to fuel the fire. They are also resistant to power shortages and power cuts, an advantage over other heating systems such as radiators that rely on warm water from your boiler. The lack of wood or coal being burned means there is no smoke residue, making for a more environmentally friendly choice of heating system.

Electrical Fires in Birmingham

Electrical fires are popular due to their clean method of producing heat. Opposed to wood burning stoves, they do not leave ash or require a chimney to be cleaned, as they burn without leaving residue. Their electric power also means there is no need to keep a supply of wood or coal close at hand; this makes them a low maintenance choice of heating system.

Multifuel Stoves in Birmingham

Finally, we have our range of multifuel stoves. These are compatible with a variety of different fuel types, depending on which you wish to use on the day. As they are not reliant on any form of electrically sourced power, they are a more off-the-grid method of heating your home. In the event of a power cut, or at a time where you wish to cut down on your electricity bill, this choice of heating system is beneficial.

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We hope we have provided you with a good overview of the benefits of each of our heating system options. If you have any more remaining questions, feel free to contact us. Someone in our team will be happy to offer you advise on the best choice for you, and we have the years of experience and expertise to help you decide.