Nothing makes a home feel warm and cosy like a real fire.  The current trend for solid fuel stoves has motivated many householders to search out modern stoves for their homes, whether the property would have originally featured one or not.  The broad spectrum radiation emitted by a real log fire puts out a penetrating warmth which cannot be achieved any other way, and there are now more companies than ever producing modern inset stoves Birmingham homeowners can use to warm their houses.

Sometimes it can be a struggle to fit a wood stove in a home which wasn’t designed for it.  Stoves can take up a lot of space, and must be optimally positioned if they are to work most effectively.  As a result, some homeowners have concluded that their property is too small for a solid fuel stove.  But thanks to the creative engineers at companies like Contura, Pevex and Stovax, there are special types of stoves which can fit almost any situation.

Modern inset stoves are designed to give optimum performance when built into the wall of a room.  One particular use of inset stoves Birmingham residents love is that they can be fitted into an existing chimney breast, even if the original fireplace has been removed.  Thanks to their concealed location, inset stoves take up significantly less room than free standing fires, making it possible to use them in even the smallest of spaces if fitted properly.

What’s more, modern inset stoves can even compete favourably with free standing fires when it comes to efficiency.  And to top it all off, they come in a range of styles and finishes so you’re certain to find one which fits in with your home decor.

Let’s take a look at some of the leading producers of inset stoves for sale in the Birmingham area:

Contura Inset Stoves

Contura offer something for everyone in their high quality range of inset stoves.  Well designed for ease of use, these fires are supplied in Solihull through their authorised dealers Fusion Heating.

Pevex Inset Stoves

Since 2004 the Pevex range of stoves has striven to offer cleaner and more efficient models to British customers.  A minimalist look and excellent statistics make these a favourite among interior designers.

Stovax Inset Stoves

Stovax inset stoves are highly versatile, including models designed as a direct replacement for an existing gas fire.  Smaller models will fit into a standard fireplace opening, while larger sizes can be installed directly into a chimney breast without the need for a fireplace surround.

Why do so many of our customers choose inset stoves?  Offering all the advantages of a regular stove, but without sacrificing floor space, inset stoves are the perfect solution when space is at a premium.  All you need is an external wall so the flue can go through.

For the finest range of inset stoves Solihull residents should head for Fusion Heating.  We offer a great selection of fires and heaters from the leading manufacturers, and a comprehensive installation service too.  Contact us today if you need any more information.