There are certain features which are all but expected in a modern living room.  One is a wide screen television, which allows viewers to watch their favourite action movies and sports events in eye-popping high definition.  The latest screens are slim enough to hang on a wall, and yet feature images and colours seemingly more vivid and eye-catching than real life itself.  These stunning visuals are usually augmented by high quality surround sound, for a completely immersive experience.

Another less obvious yet even more practical addition to a modern lounge environment is a stylish and contemporary multi fuel stove.  More and more householders are waking up to the fact that the quality of heat emitted by a real fire in your living room cannot be achieved any other way.  This is because real flames give off radiation in a broad range of visible and infra-red frequencies, something no other burner or central heating system can do.  The result is a special kind of warmth which permeates clothes, furniture and soft furnishings, and lingers long after the fire itself has died down.  Couple this to the cosy feeling you get from the comforting glow of the embers, and it’s easy to see why quality multi fuel stoves are fast becoming one of the most desirable features in modern homes.

Here at Fusion Heating we try to find the perfect fire for each and every one of our customers, and when the customer choses from our range of Parkray multi fuel stoves they get both the above advantages in one!  That’s right, Parkray wood burning stoves are the ‘widescreen’ option of the solid fuel stove world.  That’s because Parkray multi fuel stoves feature large front windows which are almost as wide and tall as the front of the stove itself.  While traditional indoor stoves often hid their fireboxes behind tiny grates or firebox doors, modern materials have meant that the latest range of Parkray multi fuel stoves allow homeowners and their guests to witness the fascinating spectacle of a real wood or coal fire in every enchanting detail.

What are some of the other features of Parkray stoves Birmingham homeowners, builders, and developers love when it comes to equipping their properties?  Retro-fitting solid fuel fires into older properties which were built to unstandardized dimensions can be a frustrating task, as matching their size and output to the shape and size of the home can be tricky.  Fortunately, Fusion Heating are here to help – we are happy to make recommendations to our customers, and help them work out how to choose a suitable type of fire for any room in the house.  The beauty of Parkray wood burning stoves is that each model is produced in a range of sizes, many of which include compact or slimline options.

Another feature of Parkray stoves Birmingham residents benefit from directly is that the whole range are DEFRA approved for use in smokeless zones, thereby benefiting the environment.  For more information about Parkray multi fuel stoves, get in touch with Fusion Heating today.