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Contura Wood Burning Stoves

Contura Stoves

Contura Stoves offer you a wide variety of choice with all of the designs available.  These stoves are not only functional but add something very special in terms of style to any room.  No wonder wood-burners are again becoming so popular.  When searching for quality and performance, look no further than Contura for all of your home heating needs.

Contura stoves have a choice of materials for your heating source.  For example, our Contura wood burning stoves with soapstone give you all of the usual heating performance of our stoves with the added special heat absorbing and retaining properties of soapstone.  You will find using Contura Log burning stoves to warm your home to be a more efficient choice than ever. All Contura stoves are eco design ready and conform to the new stringent 2022 legislation for wood burning appliances.

Our choice of Contura Stoves mean that you have the added choice of wood or other smokeless fuels such briquettes without losing on cost effective heat that is capable of warming you home.

If you would like a statement piece why not think about having one of the Contura free standing stoves perfect for a space in any corner of your home, or alternatively we have the Contura Inset stoves suitable to the more traditional chimney breast and central wall fireplaces, with all of the modern technology and materials available throughout our range of Contura Stoves.

Contura Stoves have extras to offer apart from the standard heating properties you would expect from wood burning stoves.  For example, there’s stylish storage to dry out your logs ready for placing directly on the fire, and glass panels surrounding the blazing fire, allowing all to enjoy its glow from all angles of the room.  Contura Stoves can come in the more traditional cast iron surround, but a choice of other finishes and surrounds are also available.  Sandstone styled surrounds give a unique yet stunning look to your fireplace while other stoves come in grey steel or glossy white steel. Browse through the Contura Stoves and click on the description details for information on what each stove can offer.