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Parkray Wood Burning Stoves

Parkray Stoves

What customers love about our range of Parkray stoves is their flexibility: many of the models are offered with a choice of dimensions, either full size or in a compact or slimline format.  Models available include Parkray multifuel stoves and wood burners. The other feature buyers love is the large front window, which features on most models across the range.  The visual appeal is one of the main reasons people love real fires, and with Parkray wood burning stoves you get the full impact of seeing the flames dance on the fuel you have loaded into the firebox.

Parkray are a traditional English company with a long heritage of producing high quality solid fuel stoves.  They specialise in multi fuel fires, while there are also Parkray gas stoves available.  The full range of Parkray stoves are DEFRA approved fpr use in smokeless zones and are among the cleanest burning fires on the market.  This means you can fit these products with a clean conscience and sleep soundly knowing that the product is not going to be damaging the health of those you love.

These designs are optimised as a focal point by the large firebox window, which is sure to draw the eyes of your guests.  The shell of each of these models is a competitively modest and simple square form, uncluttered by fussy decoration or design frills.  The result is a clean and modern looking product, which could be mistaken for a Parkray electric stove by the uninitiated.  Watching a fire burning is one of the most relaxing and therapeutic ways to spend an evening, and with the panoramic firebox of a Parkray wood burning stove you are drawn in to a fascinating world of light and colour.

Here at Fusion Heating, we have stocked Parkray stoves for an extended time and have found them to be high quality and reliable.  Indeed, it’s often Parkray stoves Solihull residents are searching for when they come through our doors to seek out the most attractive new models.  To find out more about this respected brand or about our company in general, get in touch with us today by net or telephone.